Daily Schedule

Classes start at 9am and end at 4pm daily with recital hour at 4pm. Students will receive a personal schedule with their classes upon arrival at Institute. More details on the different types of classes each student will have are on the Violin/Viola or Cello pages.


  • Opening Play-In

    Tuesday at 8:15. Meet new friends, catch up with fellow musicians, and meet your teachers.

  • Welcome Back Concert

    Tuesday at 4:15. Students are chosen from past institute attendees.

  • Informal recital

    On Wednesday afternoon. Sign up to play during registration, Monday night at dorm check-in, or before the Play-In.

  • Guest Artist Recital

    Corin Lee performs Thursday at 4:15. Click Here to view some of his Music.

  • Mariachi / Dance Concert

    Friday at 3 pm. Many students wear their Institute t-shirts for performance.

  • Farewell Concert

    Friday at 4:15. Wear black slacks/skirts and white tops. Invite friends and family to the concerts!

  • Parent Talks

    Various teachers speak throughout the week during the sight reading hour.


Teacher Trainees and ECC only

10 am  to 5 pm


8:15 am Play in in the Gym

9 am -4 pm Classes

4:15 pm Welcome Back Concert


9 am -4 pm Classes

4:15 pm Informal Recital


9 am -12 pm Classes

1:10 pm Mariachi/Dance recital

2 - 4 pm Classes

4:15 pm Farewell Concert


9 am -4 pm Classes

4 pm Guest Artist Recital

Hands down the best Suzuki Institute. The diverse faculty and extra curricular activities distinguishes this camp from everywhere else.
— 16 year old Student